IBM i – AS/400 Consulting Services

Cover Your AS/400 Needs with Talsco’s Consulting Services

We don’t have to tell you that ensuring an organization’s AS/400 needs are met can be a real pain in the you know what. But now, we at Talsco are offering some relief in the form of our new AS/400 consulting services.

That’s right; the same Talsco that has been placing smart AS/400 professionals into organizations just like yours with our industry-leading direct hire services is now offering specialized consulting services geared towards helping employers and AS/400 professionals alike.

For Employers

Talsco’s consulting services offer something that other search firms simply cannot-real expertise in the AS/400 marketplace. This expertise allows to not only understand your organization’s unique technological needs, but it also enables us to develop the proper solutions to address them. In fact, our consulting services will help you:

  • Modernize your iSeries / IBM i ecosystem
  • Overcome hiring freezes
  • Match qualified AS/400 professionals to empty positions within your organization
  • Avoid layoffs and bad press
  • Expedite your hiring process
  • Terminate contract assignments
  • Build relationships with a vast network of talented AS/400 professionals
  • Get specialized talent for short-term projects

We know the professionals, their strengths and, most important, how to match them to meet your unique AS/400 needs.

For IBM i (AS/400) Professionals

At Talsco, we know that the AS/400 community is just that, a community. We know the unique challenges that you face in finding full-time employment, consulting work or floating between the two. After all, we have been placing talented professionals like you for years. That isn’t changing, but our consulting services can still help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Assisting you navigate between consulting and full-time positions
  • Marketing yourself to organizations that need AS/400 help
  • Being an advocate for the continued use of the AS/400 platform in the marketplace
  • Helping you hone your skillset in an ever-changing job market

So when your AS/400 needs are on the line, stick with the guys that know the AS/400 market backwards and forwards.

Talsco: Industry-leading direct hire and consulting services to cover your AS/400 needs.