Our Process

We have a systematic approach to all of our search projects that yield results.

We start by identifying the key elements of the position, then tap into our wide range of contacts and follow through by conducting an in depth screening of each potential candidate.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of position specifications. We gather the requirements with a focus on providing a results-oriented experience which effectively “sells” the company so the most successful candidate is retained.
Strategic planning allows us to effectively source and target the most qualified candidates. Extensive integration of industry resources, web communities and proven cold calling techniques are utilized.
We are supported by an extensive database of candidates and companies. Potential candidates are actively sought from companies using the same technology, are in parallel industries or are direct competitors. We recruit locally, regionally and nationally.
This is the most important step in the process. We combine behavioral and targeted interviewing techniques so clients are ensured that the candidates presented possess all necessary and many of the desired skills.
We provide complete and honest feedback along with tailored advice during the entire interview process. This results in a smooth and seamless hiring transition.
We consult and play and active role in the negotiation surrounding all elements of an employment offer. We stay involved throughout the process to ensure the selected candidate gets hired and stays hired.
Our Golden Rule Of Recruiting:  The candidates we submit will meet 90% of your criteria and be motivated by something other than money.