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When is the best time to start working with a recruiter?

Before you need one.  Many IT professionals connect with recruiters when they are out of work or are in fear of being downsized.  The best time to start working with a recruiter is long before you have to. Get to know a recruiter that specializes in your area expertise.  This may take time and will […]

When does the interview start?

It is logical to think that the interview starts when you greet the individual or individuals with whom you are meeting with but the reality is the interview starts when you walk in the door and sign in with the receptionist.  This does not always happen but on occasion, receptionists are asked for feedback on […]

Don’t Assume In The Interview

Don’t assume the interviewer understands the technology you use as well as what you do on a daily basis.  There is a good chance they do but they want to make sure you do as well.  When discussing your background be specific and go into detail about how the projects you worked on saved the […]

Do your homework before the interview

Do your homework on the company you are interviewing with.  It is surprising how many candidates don’t.  Take an hour or so to browse the company website to get a clear understanding of what the company you will be interviewing with does, what they sell, who they sell to, how long they have been around […]